Monday, 22 September 2008

Metsän poika tahdon olla, sankar jylhän kuusiston

Suomi artifacts like puukko and kuksa

The birthday of my other half is now a distant memory, but his path towards a true 'metsän poika' (= son of the forest) has started... After receiving 'kuksa' (= handmade wooden cup carved out of birch burl) from Hiri (otherwise known as Hiiri) the other half has slowly build up his wilderness essentials from Suomi t-shirt to 'puukko' (= woodcrafted belt-knife which is used as a tool... not a weapon). The other half is now ready to continue wilderness hikes such as the Herajärvi kierros (= Lake Herajärvi hiking tour) in Koli which we did counter clockwise from Pirunkirkko (= Devil's church) to Ryläys mid August.

View from Ukko-Koli viewing place over the lake Pielinen 

On the other hand the other half might 'utilize' his other birthday present/s more. They were the famous Finnish Reino-slippers... Autumn is here and perhaps the Reinos are more comfortable than dragging 30kg 'rinkka' (= rucksack) along the ridges of Koli... Not yet though - oh no no... Next weekend is the trip to Vierumäki 'mökki' and Reinos can stay behind... The other half can once more sing the song of Aleksis Kivi: Terve, metsä, terve, vuori - Terve, metsän ruhtinas - Täs on poikas, uljas, nuori (39 in his case!) - Esiin käy hän, voimaa täys - Kuin tuima tunturin tuuli ... Metsän poika tahdon olla, sankar jylhän kuusiston... lal lal laaaaaa... Happy b-day sweetie - put your Reinos on and take it easy!

Reinos from the Ainot ja Reinot -collection

P.S. I will write about the Heräjärvi experience soon...

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emmdee said...

Slippers are a year early - so I assume I get the pipe to go with them next year then!